CW Grow is full of nutrients proven to increase the vitality, growth, yield, colour, and flavour of the plants you love.
Shrubs, trees, vegetables, lawns, and grains all profit by adding silicon and calcium to the soil.

icon calcium
For healthy plants and soil
icon silicon
Protection from pest & disease
Essential for photosynthesis


How does CW Grow boost yields while
capturing carbon and increasing
plant defences to pests,
disease and climate change?



CW Grow puts 5-9x more carbon in the soil and strengthens
plants against damage from climate extremes

Protection from temperature extremes
Strengthens plants against weather damage
Converts CO2 into soil minerals

CW-Grow is a unique 100% natural organic soil amendment available for home and garden use.

CW Grow will not burn plants and is compatible with common fertilizers.

CW Grow is available in the following formats:

CW Grow - 200

Finely ground for consistency and ease of use. For home gardeners who want simple and effective all-natural solutions

  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Dried with uniform fine particle size
  • Available in 10 kg and 25 kg bags

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CW Grow - Bulk

CW Grow - Bulk

Crushed unprocessed wollastonite available at participating garden centres and landscape depots

  • Unprocessed mineral available at a lower price
  • The choice for larger home, lawn, garden, and landscape-scale applications
  • Available in bags or for bulk purchase

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CW Grow - Farm & Forests

CW Grow - Farm & Forest

CW200 or Bulk available for large scale applications

  • Use in place of agricultural lime for soil buffering
  • Increase yield and forest growth
  • Cost-effective source of Calcium, Magnesium and plant available Silicon

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