Know what’s in your garden

Not all soil amendments and fertilizers are created equal. CW Grow is 100% Canadian and is harvested with the environment in mind. CW Grow is composed of 100% wollastonite, a unique naturally occurring mineral.

The wollastonite in CW Grow is sustainably mined and sold by Canadian Wollastonite, located north-east of Kingston, Ontario. Canadian Wollastonite has been used in farmer’s fields across central Canada and the US with exceptional results for almost 10 years. We created CW Grow to bring the benefits of wollastonite to homeowners and garden lovers.

6675 Highway 15, Seeley's Bay, ON, Canada



History of a mine from the future

plant growing from open hand
We take the environmental impact of surface mining very seriously and have taken steps to improve the local ecology from the beginning.
three trees
More than 15,000 trees have been planted on the property, and several large wetlands have been built with a marked increase in Purple Martin, duck, and bat populations.
animal tracks
Increase of wildlife on the property with wolf and deer footprints frequently crossing through the mine itself.
Less than 15% of CW’s 220 hectares of land will be disturbed by mining activities on the property, allowing plenty of space for future environmentally-beneficial projects.
No processing is required for wollastonite. Wollastonite rocks are crushed and no waste products are produced.
roots underground
An extensive site plan is in place once the mine closes involving renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and green housing projects.