How to Apply

Annually spread wollastonite at a rate of 2 to 4kg per 10m2 (4 to 9lb per 100ft2). Apply at the higher rate to manage existing issues: yellowing, pests, diseases, soil compaction and acidity.

  • Improve drought tolerance
  • Enhances pest and disease tolerance
  • Works well with other fertilizers

Capture Carbon Dioxide, Help the Planet & Grow Easier

With soil microbes, CW Grow captures and converts carbon dioxide into a mineral form that permanently stores the carbon in the soil. For every 3 kg of CW Grow spread to the soil, you can capture 1 kg of CO2 in 1 to 2 years.

How much should I use?

Lawn Size (metres)5x57x710x1013x1315x1517x1720x20
Lawn Area (sq. metres)2549100169225298400
CW Grow Application (kg)81530507090120
Lawn Size (feet)10x1020x2030x3040x4050x5060x6070x70
Lawn Area (sq. feet)1004009001600250036004900
CW Grow Application (lb)62555100150220290