How to Apply

Spread around the tree annually from the trunk to the edge of the branches at 2 to 4kg per 10m2 (4 to 9lb per 100ft2).

Trees typically benefit from an annual application of 20 to 40kg (45 to 90lb) for EACH medium-sized tree with branches that measure 10m or 30ft across.

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces impacts of temperature extremes
  • Improves disease and pest tolerance

Capture Carbon Dioxide, Help the Planet & Grow Easier

With soil microbes, CW Grow captures and converts carbon dioxide into a mineral form that permanently stores the carbon in the soil. For every 3 kg of CW Grow spread to the soil, you can capture 1 kg of CO2 in 1 to 2 years.



Trees & Shrubs need the nutrients that build strength the most. CW Grow offers those and more