Garden Success! But how does CW Grow protect plants from insects?

September 29, 2021
An experienced home gardener told us cucumber beetles were ruining things for everyone until she started using CW Grow.
She asked us what does CW Grow do to protect plants from insects?
That’s a short question with a long answer
CW Grow provides Calcium, Silicon, and other important nutrients many soils are lacking. Calcium is an essential nutrient for plant health and is almost always a welcome addition to the soil. Calcium is well known to condition the soil helping plants grow more extensive root systems.
When it comes to pest resistance, it gets more complicated.
For silicon, plants have different responses to this unique mineral that is often in short supply in a form plants can absorb. Research shows that silicon affects most plants physically and chemically:
Physically, silicon increases cell wall strength by cementing cell wall fibres with a rigid glass coating to build a stronger plant. Armoured cell walls help stop robberies by making eating harder for insects and stopping diseases that break into cells and travel cell to cell, stealing nutrients from the plant and growing more disease.
Another way silicon can protect plants is by increasing chemical defences, which boosts the plant’s internal immune system. A more robust immune system can launch bigger attacks on disease-causing organisms like bacteria and fungi in a bout of microscopic hand-to-hand combat.
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